Chris Gowen Wins 2012 Adjunct Professor of the Year Award for AU Washington College of Law

gowen with award

Professor Gowen celebrates his new award.

This April, Gowen Group partner Christopher Gowen was awarded the 2012 Adjunct Professor of the Year Award at American University, Washington College of Law where he teaches both Legal Ethics and Upper Level Seminars.  One of four hundred adjuncts, Chris began teaching at the Washington College of Law in May 2010, quickly becoming a favorite among the student body for not only his command of, and passion for, the law but also his humor and compassion.  “The award was well-chosen,” observed Brenna Daugherty, one of Chris’ students this past year, “My law school experience is a better one for having worked with him.”

Outside the classroom, Chris has recently had an article published, “Collateral Consequences: How Reliable Data and Resources Can Change the Way Law is Practiced”, in the Fordham Urban Law Review. The article discusses the collateral consequences people face when they return home from prison due to the denial of rights, privileges, benefits, as well as the additional sanctions imposed by the original criminal sentence and society.

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