Statement by Chris Gowen regarding the conclusion of the Imran Awan case


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Statement by Chris Gowen regarding the conclusion of the Imran Awan case.


For the past 18 months my client has been the target of a politically motivated, coordinated effort between House Republicans, the President and right-wing “media” in an effort to destroy the life and reputation of a dedicated servant. Today’s plea deal resolves, in black and white, any question that any of the coordinated allegations were true.  Just weeks ago, the President of the United States tweeted again alleging a missing server. This tweet of his, like so many others, displayed a complete lack of respect for law enforcement because the President knew from the beginning of this investigation that law enforcement was in possession of the House Democratic Server. The fake outrage over hypotheticals posed by Tucker Carlson’s “news” website failed to show a single breach of security, any law violations or any negative outcome for this country; yet Fox News and its media children continued to peddle a story in perfect coordination with The President and House Republicans.  However, every single time the President, House Republicans and the Tucker Carlson website made a hypothetical allegation, law enforcement spent countless hours and very valuable resources investigating their absurdity.  Imran cooperated with the investigation for 19 months, he answered every single question law enforcement had, and turned over every document requested. With the exception of calling both his family’s house and rental property primary residences on a bank loan, he has been completely exonerated today. Since this appears to be the only story Tucker’s “journalist” reports on we politely wave goodbye to him as his two minutes of fame has passed.